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Professional Consulting with a Purpose

Programs for Best Educational Practices

Professional Consulting & Educational Support Services offers first-rate educational consulting and a variety of educational services for continuous school improvement.   Through our services, we aim to improve the academic setting of schools.

Vanady A. Daniels 

President/Educational Consultant

Vanady Daniels began her educational career as an elementary school teacher. She taught for 18 years before becoming an administrator. Ms. Daniels worked in various roles: as technology facilitator, grade group leader, district technology trainer, team leader, support specialist, and test chairperson.  During her tenure as a teacher, Ms. Daniels secured several educational grants for educational technology, comprehensive school reform and reading advancement, totaling over $300,000.  As an administrator, Ms. Daniels has secured grants for school reform, STEM, reading and technology, totaling over $100,000.


During the past 15 years of her career, Ms. Daniels served as an elementary school principal, middle school assistant principal, and instructional leader in Miami-Dade County Public Schools District.  Ms. Daniels served in the middle school setting as a Support Specialist, Team Leader, Test Chairperson and ultimately, Assistant Principal for  Curriculum during a span of 7 years. She served as an elementary school principal for 12 years.  Ms. Daniels has been at the forefront of academic reform and transformation in urban school settings as a teacher and an administrator.


She is licensed in the state of Florida in the following: school principal, educational leadership, and elementary education 1-6.  Additionally, Ms. Daniels is a published author of two books:  The Power of Positive and Moments in the Word:  Inspiration, Encouragement, Motivation and Enrichment.  In September 2023, Dr. Daniels published:  Putting Students First:  A Guide to Continuous School Improvement - Instructional Red Flags to Beware of in the Process.  

Ms. Daniels has developed the capacity and proven effectiveness as a credible educational leader, change agent, and a reform transformation trailblazer in urban school settings. She has led three schools in successful academic achievement over the past 15 years by developing a collegial, efficacious school culture, motivating students, advancing academic achievement, and increasing parent involvement.  In December 2021, she completed the Ph. D. doctoral program at Barry University, in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in Early and Middle Childhood.

Consulting with a Purpose

Here's why you should choose PCESS, LLC.  Watch our video.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach and teach school leaders, teachers, students, and parents through training, coaching, mentoring, and supporting the highest standards of best educational practices. We invest in the

success of our clients.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the skillset and tools necessary to strengthen the efficacy levels of educational stakeholders 

to attain successful and continuous school improvement.

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